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Improving Startup Investor Communication: Free Service

Entrepreneur/Investor Social Network

Entrepreneur profiles on our custom online network will give investors greater insight into the quality and experience of the startup teams and the viability of the investment opportunity. Entrepreneurs will control their profiles and determine who will have access. Profiles will contain two videos; one brief that highlights the key business aspects of their startup, and a longer one that contains a more in-depth look at the founders and business model.

Presentation Skills

Often technology founders don't have the presentation skills to properly convey their message about their company to investors and inspire them to learn more. As a result, good companies are often overlooked because the entrepreneurs are not adept at speaking clearly and concisely. FloripaTech is sympathetic with entrepreneurs and can help them overcome any shortfalls that may exist during their pitches and give them the skills to be a master presenter.

Pitch Practice

We offer hands on practice with entrepreneurs who need help pitching their company briefly in just one minute. It is common for entrepreneurs to struggle with which elements of their business they should include in such a short time frame and most founders miss the mark. Because the videos are targeted to global investors with a common language of English, the presentations must be in English. We provide translation services if needed.