“Tiffany's work at FloripaTech is a value that is truly unparalleled in the region. She has a unique ability to understand the business needs of not only the entrepreneur, but also start ups and local government organizations. FloripaTech will help catapult Santa Catarina into a dynamic region for tech startups.”

Eric Ayala, Partner at Venture Capital Firm, Fortify.VC

“After meeting with Tiffany at FloripaTech, in just 90 minutes she helped me refine my investors' pitch to something concise and easy to understand. She changed my perspective on sales and gave me more self-confidence about my work. I was missing an entrepreneur like her in Floripa to share and to learn more about coaching, entrepreneurship and business.”

Renata Silveira da Costa, Co-Founder and CEO, IT Moves IT

“Tiffany has an incredible sense of what a business needs to succeed. From the ground stage, she adds her valuable advices and always comes up with great new business ideas. Her creativity seems to never end and she can master a Business Plan in the blink of an eye, putting a creative spin on anything she does! Her marketing expertise is also something that greatly adds up to any business strategies. Working with Tiffany makes anyone believe everything is possible!”

Thereza Bukow, Co-Founder, Bolsa Cheia

“Tiffany is so passionate about coaching entrepreneurs, that when I first told her about our "baby" startup (, she got interested right away, and started sharing her great thoughts. Its impressive how fast she figures out a business and what it's ahead of it. Thanks again for your help Tiffany!”

Rodrigo Griesi, CEO and Founder, MOOVIA

“Tiffany is genuinely interested in helping other entrepreneurs in Brasil to succeed and she generously offers her time and advice to others, especially women. She had some good sales tips and general advice that gave me an extra boost of motivation and confidence after our meeting. Her experience as an entrepreneur and advisor adds quality to the Floripa technology environment. I'm glad she is around.”

Clara Rejane Scholles, Founder and Managing Director, Pratical One

“Tiffany is the person everyone dreams to have on their team: smart, creative, resourceful, energetic...and incredibly nice! Tiffany makes a difference for everyone she works with; any CEO or team will find it truly valuable to work with her -- even if only just for a short engagement.”

Camille Landau, Founder and CEO, ReferQuest

“Tiffany shares the lessons she’s learned from the being in the trenches with grace and gusto. She’s a generous and spirited advisor for entrepreneurs, and a huge advocate for women starting businesses. I met Tiffany through Astia, and she’s been quite helpful to me in these early days of launching a venture.”

Laura Jones Joukovski, Founder and CEO, Imagination Welcome

“Tiffany brings tremendous value and expertise to the Astia community - she is a champion for our companies and provides tangible qualified advise. We are thrilled to have Tiffany so closely involved with Astia.”

Katie Nittler, COO, Astia

“I'm extremely fortunate to have Tiffany on board as Advisor to my first startup, Fertility Planit. Tiffany's track record as a serial entrepreneur and trail blazing success story speaks for itself. But what I'm continually inspired by is her resourcefulness and ability to achieve exceptional, original results in any circumstance and across foreign countries. She's a true role model. Tiffany has inspired me to reach for the very highest standards and to live up to my greatest potential. In a single, one-hour meeting with Tiffany I came up with the best ideas, plans and the most clever to do list I've ever devised for my new business. When I present her with a challenge or obstacle, Tiffany shoots back with incredible solutions for turning setbacks into good fortune. She is an infinite well of solutions, ideas and positive energy and elevates the quality of any meeting, business and personal interaction she's involved with. She's not only benefiting my business, but raising my spirit and confidence to new heights. The course of Fertility Planit has been forever enhanced by our association wtih Tiffany.”

Karin Thayer, Founder and CEO, Fertility Planit

“Tiffany has been truly inspirational. Her advice and thoughts have been spot on. She has the background and knowledge that make her a very valuable resource for a start-up.”

Rana Mumtaz, Founder and CEO, Fablogue

“Tiffany's knowledge, experience and guidance has made such a positive impact on the progress of our start-up company. Her genuine interest in helping people is obvious and her positive energy seems endless. I consider myself very fortunate to know her.”

Daniel Dietrich, Co-Founder and COO, Hey, Neighbor!

“I met Tiffany when I applied to the Astia program for women-led startups. She was one of the judges and I immediately connected with her. She asked pointed, smart, and tough questions and at the same time, she was also very supportive and encouraging. Since then, she has been an extremely helpful adviser to me and my business partner. She's walked in our shoes as an entrepreneur, she knows the business, she's intuitive and wise, and she's well connected. On top of all that, she's an amazingly nice person and I consider it a stroke of good luck to have crossed paths with her.”

Barbara Pantuso, Co-Founder and CEO, Hey, Neighbor!

“I had the pleasure to be coached by Tiffany Bass Bukow and it was a life-changing experience. Because it not only moved me to make changes into my professional life but also elucidated me to take new steps in my personal life as well. Tiffany has such a simple but yet sharp and direct way of approaching issues that are crucial to our personal growth and she does that so naturally that it's touching and moving and really makes you want to change, makes you want to be a better you, in all aspects.

She's a spectacular human being who wants you to feel the joy of being able to overcome obstacles like their part of life, to live life to the fullest, to explore your talents and be able to channel them into a productive and fullfiling life.”

Fernanda Bastos, Entrepreneur

“Tiffany is a force of nature. She is so quick to understand and cut right to the chase of any business, helping an entrepreneur and CEO like myself see the big picture and focus on the end goal. Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I have the sense that TIffany can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, and her track record confirms this. Her advice, guidance and support are priceless.”

Marilou McFarlane, Co-Founder and CEO, Vivo Girls Sports

“Tiffany Bass Bukow was the first business advisor who immediately and incisively saw the potential of our business plan and coached us to think bigger and scale the company at a pace and level that we dared not dream as first time entrepreneurs. She imparts the wisdom and business vision of a seasoned, successful entrepreneur with the acumen of a financial “type”. Her effervescent demeanor is invigorating. She will engage you to be your best, build with a sturdy foundation, and persevere through the natural pitfalls that challenge every business.”

Kathy J. Williams, Co-Founder and COO, Vivo Girls Sports

“Tiffany is someone who combines so many talents -- business knowledge, web marketing expertise, video production, etc. I could go on and ON... She is someone who is easy to work with and always creative. I really enjoyed the projects that we were fortunate to work on together.”

Linda Alepin, Founder and CEO, Center for New Futures

“As a first time entrepreneur, Tiffany has always there to share her own experiences as a serial entrepreneur and give advice. Tiffany also brings encouragement and support to keep going when I most needed it.”

Lisa Halpern, Founder and CEO, Kiboo LLC

“Tiffany Bass-Bukow has helped my business expand into new areas, which proved to be crucial for the success I was looking for. Tiffany has the kind of genius that I believe can help any business reach their goals. She is a great mentor and coach, and I highly recommend her!”

Francois Levannier, Life Coach

“Tiffany assisted us with development of our business model for a national radio show, an effort she previously succeeded in developing on her own. She's a proven leader and an invaluable resource for start-ups because of her extensive experience. Her dedication to assisting women with their finances is inspirational. She is motivating to speak to, gives creative advice, and makes you feel fortunate to know her.”

Dave Saunders, Entrepreneur and Investment Professional

“Tiffany's dynamic and personable style together with her extreme savvy on business development (and related topics) is made all the more effective by her absolute dedication to the goals and values of her client company or organization. It is easy for many consultants to apply a "one size fits all" manifesto gleaned from personal experience, but it takes a particularly astute and sensitive one to understand the specific nuances that make a "pitch" more resonant (as in the case of our social cause film) or a business model more enduring.

I have no hesitation endorsing Tiffany for any organization that is seeking to take their business to the next level, or find it's ideal positioning in an increasingly aggressive and daunting marketplace.”

Larry Schlessinger, Executive Producer

“Over a period of several months Tiffany worked with me and my team as a business coach and advisor to our film fundraising project, I was and remain impressed with her in so many ways. From her knowledge and ease with money matters, to her personal and caring guidance, professionalism and, characteristically, her enthusiasm and positive attitude.”

Jack Gescheidt, Artist, Photographer, Film Maker

“Tiffany provided excellent tips, techniques, and advice that made an immediate positive impact for my first appearance on MSNBC. In a very short period of time, she made a huge difference.”

Jennifer Hill, Vice President at Astia, News Commentator, Lawyer