FloripaTech: Accelerates Tech Startups

Floripatech is a business accelerator that brings together technology entrepreneurs from Brazil with global venture capitalists, incubators, accelerators, government organizations and key leaders. Startups prove their business models, reach their fullest potential and catapult to the head of the competitive pack with FloripaTech's help.

New ventures have many challenges that can be solved with FloripaTech solutions, services and support. Whether a startup is looking to raise more capital, acquire more customers, refine their pitch, business plan or model, utilize cloud or outsourced productivity solutions, FloripaTech can assist in multiple ways.

Join us for acceleration programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work with small groups or individuals and custom design programs for you from our multitude of offerings. If you can't physically make it to San Francisco, join us for remote online coaching and access to our unpublished educational videos through

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Floripa Startups Successes
RD Station helps customers build, execute, and measure digital marketing strategies. Raised $72M and sold for ~$385M in 2021
Software intelligence that creates relevant shopping experiences for each consumer, throughout the entire interaction journey with a brand. Chaordic was acquired by Linx for $15M.
Market intelligence software provider that raised $45M and purchased for $340M in 2021.
Software that improves the sales process efficiency, raising the conversion rates. Raised $4.9M and sold to RD Station in 2023 for $10M.
Software that applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create value for customers and partners in the 4.0 industry.