About FloripaTech

Enhancing Investment Opportunities in Santa Catarina, Brazil

FloripaTech was created with the purpose of bringing together global technology visionaries in order to enhance the investment opportunities for startups in digital tech, green/clean-tech and bio-tech located in the south of Brazil. Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro receive of a lot of international press for their startup scenes whereas its southern neighbors in the State of Santa Catarina are rarely in the news.

In order for technology startups to succeed in a global market, it is helpful for them to understand the best practices of other startups that have risen from the hotbed of investment activity in Silicon Valley, California. In September 2012, The Wall Street Journal ranked the Top 50 Startups in the U.S. and 62% were from the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley).

FloripaTech Founder: Tiffany Bass Bukow

No one understands Silicon Valley more than Tiffany Bass Bukow, the founder of FloripaTech. She is an angel investor and a serial technology entrepreneur who founded five companies. She moved to Floripa in February 2011 until June 2013, after living over fifteen years in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur. For the last twelve years, Tiffany served on the Advisory Board of Astia, a technology business accelerator that has helped entrepreneurs raise over $1B in funding. She originally was incubated by Astia for two years with her company, which she raised $2.5M in venture money and made $1M in her first year in business. She brings her unique combination of business acceleration, investment, and entrepreneurial expertise to the Brazilian startup technology community.

Coaching, Advising and Educating Startups
Coaching, advising and educating startups will be the cornerstone of FloripaTech's business strategy. Once entrepreneur's minds are opened to the greater possibilities of a global strategy and fueled with powerful knowledge and data, they are more likely to make wise strategic decisions and catapult to the head of the pack. Unique startups accepted into FloripaTech elite acceleration program will be profiled on our custom online entrepreneur / investor private social network and in an online TV series.